Autumn is already here!

The end of the summer marks huge changes in the woodlands. This year it feels as though Autumn has come early! Walking through the woods this week we find an abundance of blackberries ripe for the picking, perfect to accompany the apples from our orchard.

The ground is littered with falling leaves, some showing the work of the ‘leaf miner’. Fungi is seen everywhere – various colours from white to red to brown to orange!

The coppiced Hazel’s have flourished this year and have produced much growth as well as bearing hazelnuts. New planting’s have shot up this year and will be accompanied by further planting again later this year.

Sadly, Squirrel damage on some trees is more obvious at present. It is easy to spot in the photo below!

The Rowan trees look amazing this time of year with their bright red berries making them stand out at a distance! Young acorns adorn the proud oak trees and wild rose hips are everywhere.

It’s now when the woodland starts to prepare itself for the colder nights and shorter days and the long winter months ahead. Let’s hope it’s not as cold as the past winter!