We care about your private information and at M H Woodland we take your privacy seriously.

Our privacy policy covers identifiable personal information that we gather when we take an order from you.

The information we collect may include name, address, telephone number email address and a delivery address.

We do not share or sell your information to any 3rd party and only those involved in the processing of your order will need access to the information.

The information you provide when you place an order is not kept any longer than is necessary and destroyed in a responsible manner.

Privacy policy has been updated in line with the new GDPR legislation which comes into force on 25th May 2018.

Is the wood seasoned?

Not fully, as this can take years! Our wood has gone through drying stages before it is shipped out (unless it states 'Fresh cut'). Wood will continue to hold some residual moisture for some time. For this reason we provide wood care information with all our shipments. If these are followed, you should have years of enjoyment from your products.

M H Woodland cannot be held responsible for products that have not been cared for in the way advised.

Will my wood slice go mouldy?

Possibly, if not stored correctly. As wood is perishable, It is best to treat these slices as living objects for a year or so. It will continue to lose moisture after delivery so if you can store the slice on its edge in a cool, dry area until using. Once you receive your slice it should be immediately taken out of its packaging and not stored in a box or bag. 

Can I have a slice with no cracks/checking?

We love wood slices because of their natural appearance, please do not be put off by the natural occurrence of cracks as it adds to the charm and does not affect stability. The majority of slices have no minor cracks but as wood is a natural and perishable product that retains moisture, this can happen over time. Please read the Wood Care Instructions that come with your products.

How do I prevent my slice cracking in the future?

Refunds or exchanges are not available for slices that have developed cracks. Please be aware of this before ordering.  Wood is a perishable product and these cracks naturally occur in some slices despite all efforts to prevent.  These cracks will appear as the moisture naturally evaporates. It is worth considering placing your order as close as possible to use if you wish to avoid having cracks in the slice for a special occasion.

I am using my wood slice for presenting food, do I need to treat the slice?

Not necessarily. We always advise to use a board under your cake for easy moving around if nothing else. Some of our customers have used danish oil or wood worktop oil to feed their wood slice which is also food safe.

How quick can I have a product delivered?

For items in stock we usually ship within 3-5 working days. Bespoke items that need to be built take a little longer 5-10 working days. We can offer faster shipping if required…contact us directly for costs as we'd need to get a quote from the courier.

Do you offer a personalisation service?

Yes we do! We use a Pyrography Iron to personalise items…contact us for more information of what you are looking for. Some products have the option to ask for personalisation - if you use this please ensure you include the personalisation details in the 'notes' section when ordering.

Are the slices level?

All our slices are cut with a chainsaw by eye so no guarantee of 100% level but it will be close! If you chose to have an item planed and sanded it will be level. Contact us for more details.

What size cake stand do I need?

We would recommend you chat to your cake maker/decorator to ask what size board your cake will sit on and then choose a slice that is a good couple of inches wider, depending on your decoration around the cake itself. 

Can order something bespoke?

You are very welcome to get in touch with a custom request; we are always keen to create something uniquely special for you.

Is the wood sustainable?

Yes! We have over 40 years experience working in and managing woodlands. We aim to plant over 100 new trees every year. The majority of our wood is sourced from our own ancient woodland in West Wales.